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Camp Box of Honolulu tries to provide economical options for Hawaiian life by itemizing the cost of every item so anyone can custom design a unit that fits any size desired, any budget and amount of finishing or totally unfinished as wished.  Units can be rounded either vertically or horizontally or made with square corners as desired.   Vertical radius corners are slightly more complex and have an upcharge.

Custom building a home yields countless detail options to make it your special place.  We will work with you through every decision, and while this simple price sheet is still long, if you simply want the quick formula to calculate what you want; then the formula is $25 per square foot for unfinished box, add $5 per square foot to paint inside and out; add $1000 for simplest bathroom, and add $500 for simplest kitchen sink.

Our company focus is not on profit, rather the enjoyment of providing a happy space for one to call home; thus we are never going to squabble about minor issues, or try to add on extra charges.  The entire process is a cooperative team effort of trust to treat each other fairly and not ever take advantage to reach our common goal in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership where we all win.

7 by 10 Tow-behind-Starting with the smallest 7 by 10 foot totally unfinished non towable unit, which includes floor, wall and roof systems, minimal electrical and plumbing stubs, 5 small windows, door, with a flat 4 by 7 base to set on your trailer, all unpainted—Like our current model it is rounded vertically and cost slightly more– Regular price $1,950

A completely finished 7 by 10 unit, with trailer, painted inside and out one color, complete bathroom and mini-kitchen, and sleeping loft for $4,800 total.

8 by 8 –  A totally unfinished box with square corners and wheel wells and trailer tongue, windows and door for $2000      To have the corners rounded horizontally add $100.

8 by16 -Same unfinished type unit with the same features as the prior unit, so that it remains under 120 square feet to avoid Honolulu building permitting so that it can be a permanent accessory structure is priced at $3000.

8 by 16 complete with mini-bathroom, shop made base kitchen cabinets and sink and painted one color in and out $4,500.

8 by 22 no axles-unit with the same minimal features and completely unpainted and unfinished, with wheel wells for 2 tires, regular price of $4,500.

8 by 22 completely finished unit with mini-bathroom, shop made base kitchen cabinets and sink, painted in and out total of $6,000.

9 by 24 Totally unfinished with windows and door and electrical like normal $5400.   Add bathroom and kitchen sink $6,900.

8 by 30 foot unfinished unit with the same minimal features, regular price of $6000

Finished unit with mini-bath and 3 foot shop base and kit sink, no axles and painted one color in and out, $7500.

We can price towing packages for any unit with 3, 4 or 5 axles.

Larger units become more logical to build in place as delivery cost rise and the more likelihood of units being more semi-permanent.  Depending on how flat the location is, we can price either a block, 2 by 4, 4 by 4 or steel pipe temporary foundation system can be priced. These units will expand to 9 feet wide with a 10 foot roof system, with a totally unfinished box 40 feet long excluding any foundation at $9000.

On site construction allows us to build lower to the ground and thus minimize the foundation cost, otherwise most trailer delivery yields a 2 to 3 foot foundation.  Lowering a unit after delivery is not very feasible.

In semi-permanent applications we can connect several units together at different levels to create an ultra-modern pod cluster house as large as one wishes.

Basic Construction-All campers are single wall wood construction; utilizing standard common materials and methods, for a simple and economical product/unit.  All of the wood components are pressure treated except the wall panels which requires nominal thickness material to achieve the rounded facade.  We can treat the panels with borate ourselves to be resistant to termites, but we do not have a source or facility to do pressurized treatment.  As termites prefer to burrow into the wood they live in the minimal thickness will not be ideal or conducive to termites.   Units of completely treated materials can be produced with square corners, but the finish will not be as smooth, and is and additional cost of eight dollars per linear foot of unit length. (ie 20 ft unit adds $160)

Camp Box tries to produce as many components ourselves here on the islands to help keep the overall cost of each unit affordable, as well as utilizing local labor, to provide local jobs.  If simple island made windows and doors or other components do not offer the refined appearance or function you desire we can certainly upgrade any feature you desire.  Mainland manufactured vinyl or aluminum windows and prehung doors of any style can be priced.  Ours doors are made directly from the section of wall panel that is cut from the opening so there is no waste.  As the entire design of our units focuses on stock sizing so that the minimize scrap and waste.  While most manufactured doors are square; we will gladly price and install any door you desire.  Store bought exterior standard door add $100.

Larger units of basically any size can be priced for onsite construction.

Delivery of 10 or 16 foot units; customer offloading    $200

Delivery of 22 or 30 foot units; customer offloading    $500

Offloading and blocks on level ground at trailer height for units under 20 feet long (l&m) $500

2 stringer, 3 tread stairs at 2 feet, no rail(l&m)  $200

Adding a stowable ladder at the doorway that pulls out $100.

Painting of exterior of 2 smaller units one coat, one color(l&m)   $200

Painting of exterior of larger units $300

Painting of interior of smaller units, one coat, one color(l&m)  $300

Painting interior of larger units the same  $400

Painting of the floor of smaller units one coat, one color(l&m)  $100

Paint floor on larger units same method $150

Small units are under 20 feet and large is up to 40 feet.

Bathroom interior walls with plywood 45 by 40, 30” opening(l&m) $150

Kitchen partition wall 30” of plywood unfinished (l&m) $75

Bathroom toilet drain and shower drains and either a preformed pan or liner and concrete floor(l&m)$300

Install of .019 white metal on bathroom walls w/screws(l&m)$200- other waterproof wall panels can be price, or wood can be painted.

Standard wall mount sink with faucet installed(l&m) $200

Standard generic toilet with seat installed(l&m) $200

2 generic water valves and piping to shower head(l&m) $100

Instead of generic valves a simple chrome/galv. shower fixture $150.

To install a pipe, valve and shower head on the cone funnel from the rooftop catchment system for rainwater solar shower for $100.

Larger bathrooms not at the wheel well can be priced of any design.

A 36 inch plywood box shop made cabinet can be made with a hinged face to fold over the top of the sink for working space, with wall mounted water valves with not bottom or back with stainless single bowl sink and wood perimeter counter all unpainted for $300; or a shop made cabinet with sliding panel doors.  (l&m)

36 inch standard sink base over wheel well, with simple pine 4 piece urethaned top and generic stainless sink, drain and faucet(l&m)$600

Free standing utility sink no cabinet installed(l&m)$200

We can produce a butcher block countertop using common lumber made around a sink hole at a price of $40 a square foot.  If a mixture of exotic lumber is desired, such as Mahogany, walnut, Oak and Fir it may add $10 to $20 per sq ft depending on how much is desired.

Larger kitchens, countertops and wall cabinets can all be priced.

32 by 48 hinged folding plywood table with leg, unfinished(l&m) $75

4 by 8 hinged platform for bed/sofa, rope pulley raise(l&m)$200

8 foot plywood face for platform unfinished $40

Additional large windows 40” by 30” installed (l&m) $200

Additional small windows 12” by 18”+- installed (l&m)$75

Additional 36 inch rounded shop made simple door(l&m) $200

To upgrade from our shop made door to a premanufactured solid slab wood composition door with a mill finish window and square edges add $100.  This composite door can be made with a rounded top edge instead of square for an additional $75.

To upgrade to a steel door with a white window built in and factory prehung jamb and all square corners add $112(unable to round)

Single axle minimal towing package with wheels, tires, lights, and hitch for the two smaller units adds $1000(l&m)

Vinyl slider single pane window instead of shop made wood windows up to 32 by 32 adds $25 more per window, with screens.

Screens for the windows can be priced if desired.

For the medium units utilizing only 2 axles and 4 wheels, hitch, lights, no sway bar, simplest form totals about $2,500 additional(l&m)This does not include any steel chassis or frame reinforcing; designed solely for short distances on smooth terrain as we live on a small island.

We will gladly compile pricing for you given a list of the items that you wish to include in a unit.

Larger more complex tow packages can be price with various spring systems, frame reinforcing or additional features that you may wish.

Bathrooms are designed so that the entire floor space is used as the shower floor, so wall mounted entirely waterproof sinks are used as well as naturally waterproof toilets.  For smaller tow behind units preformed lightweight shower pans are used for the floor.  For larger units a pan membrane can be used and a finished concrete floor to give more flexibility in sizing.  We can price installing tile over the concrete if desired.

Electric/gas incinerating toilets, hot water heaters, stoves, holding tanks, built in seating units, as well as any additional interior walls or floorplan can be priced and facilitated.

Bathroom and bedroom areas are designed for shower rod and curtains to be used at doorways.  Interior doors can also be priced if desired.

All plumbing drains will connect together under the trailer with a 3 inch outlet, using in-line vents for inflow, but no roof venting.

Three valves are supplied at the rear of the camper, one as a cold water supply and the other to feed the hot water valves in the camper so a heater can be installed on the rear wall.

Camp box will ensure that all components of units are functioning at the time of delivery and will ensure that all items continue to function in a normal capacity for the first thirty days.  While units under normal wear and tear should last many decades and we will always give verbal support and suggestions towards maintenance we do not provide extended warranties to maintain units.

Camp Box of Honolulu reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and reserves the right to change or adjust any of this pricing as material cost often change or other unforeseen factors.  This entire system is designed completely towards offering the simplest and most economical product that we can, so that as many people as possible can enjoy this wonderful paradise in an affordable way.  We trust that the Aloha spirit coupled with natural human cooperation that we can work together to arrive at pricing and products that are beneficial for everyone involved.  We look forward to partnering with you towards making our community and island a better place.  Thanks for your feedback and support.

Camp Box staff

*L & M stands for Labor and Material; thus complete but unpainted.