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We do not make site visits; you can send us photos of your location or arrange to meet with us on the windward side between Kahaluu and Laie.

Every customer is responsible for our Customer Relations section/NO COMPLAINT POLICY; we offer an economical product based on this policy. ( We can build our 1011 unit to IRC w/ triple wall for $25,000)

Our goal is to be able to offer an extremely economical structure by making the same structure over and over day after day, so that it is quick, simple and easy.  We have developed an 8 by 15 loft unit with a door and 3 windows that is 11 feet tall on the front and 10 feet on the rear that is highly efficient single wall construction, under permitting requirements. This design has evolved and been perfected to minimize waste and be efficient and we would appreciate those that work with our stock plan with little or no adjustments. All projects will be site built, with the panels fabricated on site; as shop builds and delivery are ineffective.  While this unit should cost 8 or 9 thousand, as we have done nearly 100, please help us keep the process as streamlined as possible and easy so that we can make these housing units affordable for everyone.

This business is not about making money but rather providing economical simple shelters for our housing crisis for those that need it, but by the same token we do not deal with selfish, greedy, OCD people just looking to get one over, just nice people that need a simple building.  Therefore if you do not like the pricing structure of our units we will gladly just supply labor if you want to buy all the materials, our labor at $750 for our 938 flat top and $950 for our 1011 loft unit plus travel expense from our map, for 2 days on your site. Or if you would like to simply pay us hourly to build whatever you design we charge $25 dollars an hour for each man plus travel.

Model- 1011 Traditional Rear Angle Roof w/ 2 lofts –$5,000 unpainted( del. ext)

A more standard traditional building style to fit in more classic neighborhoods and since it offers a longer, elevated face, it accommodates headroom for two loft/attic spaces. One can span to 8 by 8 and the other up to nearly 5 by 8 so generous room, comes standard with two 4 by 8 lofts. With 3 windows and a door on the front face of the base unit, additional windows can be added to any unit, which are 3 ft by 3 ft and add $200 each (smaller windows are also available). Access ladders of 2 by 4 mounted to the wall can be added to any unit for $100 each or free-standing notched and locked together ladders for $150.

Again, like all units, comes with outlets and two lights and ready for water heater and toilet installation. Entry doors on all units can be either a flat panel in or out swing door or an aluminum storm door with glass and screen to provide even more airflow and visibility at the same price.

The finished bottom base floor ends up around 93 inches by 187 inches which totals 120.77 square feet and the doorway threshold deducts another 76 square inches which should be near the 120 sq foot max., however, our entire business model is designed around us avoiding any and all red tape, conflicts, and time consuming conversations, therefore any responsibility for complying with any Hawaii rules and regulations of any nature or kind fall solely on you or the property owner and building purchaser. As always, across our great country, our governments are complaint driven so by conferring with your neighbors ahead of time and ensuring that they will be comfortable prior is good planning towards avoiding silly arguments over minuscule details. Remember also that DPP rules for accessory structures is to be 5 feet off of each property line.

Our goal is to provide fast and efficient buildings, hence we encourage smart planning, cooperation and flexibility, so that no time is wasted and all are happy.

Camp Box- Your ADU and Storage Discount Outlet

Camp Box can build anything that you can dream and would love to build you a Frank Gehry Disney Concert Hall or Bilbao Museum but one-off projects are extremely expensive as we must reinvent every inch. Otherwise-specialization, mass production and economies of scale are the only way any business can offer economical products. So we have set models that we build hundreds of and we like to avoid special custom changes as it slows the process and runs the price up, beyond simple door and window placement or optional items. Delivery of buildings is also time-consuming, so it is simpler to site build -usually one day for flat tops and day and a half for loft units with meager travel cost added.

Because building permits here are difficult and expensive, and every property is allowed one accessory structure of 120 square feet and up to 15 feet tall, with the current shortage of affordable units it would seem logical for every house to have an accessory structure. Plastic storage buildings and steel containers do not maximize allowed space or are too large and are extremely hard to modify into useable space. The brilliance of single wall construction makes our wood units easy to modify and move on roadways and the 1011 8 by 15 maximizes allowable footage and height. Our hope is the someday have only the 1011 that we only build and build one a day always the same. DPP does not allow hard wiring hence our wiring is a free bonus that is not guaranteed in any fashion.

—–Customer Relations section is very important reading in working with the Camp Box system and philosophy. We require a minimum $600 deposit prior to traveling to jobsite; full payment puts you front of list; balance due prior to crew leaving site.

We do not make site visits as it is pointless; if you would like to meet us and see one of our units you can visit us at our shop in Waiahole 9 to 10 or weekends.

Production Pricing

$1,500-4 ft by 8 ft by 8 ft tall-Door and 2 windows with full size bed platform.

$2,500-8 ft by 8 ft by 8 foot tall-Door, 2 windows w/electric, unpainted.

$3,500-8 ft by 12 foot by 8 ft tall- Door, two windows, electric, unpainted.

$4,500-8 by 15(120 sq ft) or 16 feet Flat Top w/ door, 2 windows, electric, unpainted.

$5,000-8 by 15 or 16 feet loft units, 1011 w/ one 8 by 8 foot loft, door, 3 windows, electric, unpainted.

—Obviously our flat top units cost $1000 for each 4 by 8 sections or $31 per square foot and loft units are $41 a square foot if you need to calculate longer units.

Required Additional Charges-

Unless you have a trailer and can pick up your unit at our shop, travel cost must be added from our travel map of $100 to $600.

A base/foundation is also required in some form. We normally dry lay/loose lay 8 concrete CMU block as a most economical option at 8 inches up for $50 on relatively flat ground. To go up two layer or 16 inches is $100 or if on slope. Two layers is less stable and three layers to 24 inches will require double block piers for stability, thus using 6 per spot and 48 total and $300. Optional added concrete can be priced.

Optional Items-(ala carte construction)

$250 – Additional 3 foot by 3 foot windows

$250 – Additional 4 by 8 loft added to any unit

$300 – Plastic free standing utility sink with plumbing inlet to garden hose and ABS drain to under unit.

$300 – Standard Toilet with connected supply line and flange and elbow to underneath( to septic is extra).

$150 – Our shop made pvc outdoor shower mounted to outer wall or store bought metal shower fixture installed $200.

$600 – Kitchen cabinet base with stainless sink, faucet and plywood countertop. All optional items are on our Order Form/ Work Order that can be filled out and submitted through this site.

Model- 938- The Flat Top Box— $4,500 unpainted (delivery extra)

Our simplest and most economical unit; features an 8 foot wall perimeter with a flat ceiling and roof with a .060”(1.5mil) Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane flatroof system. It has a plywood floor ready to paint as well as T1-11 siding to provide a smooth interior a board and batten exterior-All UNPAINTED. We provide 4 outlets and 2 lights as well as an indoor sink and outdoor shower, with connections for a toilet and water heater- while these items are not allowed on a DPP accessory structure they can be removed easily if someone complains.

All of our production models are single wall construction meaning that the plywood siding provides the interior and exterior surface just like all older Hawaiian homes. Horizontal interior supports as well as the exterior battens create a web structural support. If you are in an elevated extremely high wind location and do not want wall vibration or desire insulation or sheetrock later and want a secondary interior flat(1 ½) or standard(3 ½) stud wall framing it can be added for $900 to any unit.

All units can be either right face or left face door and sink, shower and toilet canbe placed in any corner with your special-order unit.

Model 711- Modern Side Slope Studio w/ loft- $7,000 unpainted (delivery extra)

Utilizing mass production, we can make more progressive designs that are more complicated through our production process while still keeping cost down by minimizing waste and streamlining task. The modern roof slope allows for a generous loft/attic space that can expand comfortably to an 8 by 8 area (add $100) while staying well within Hawaii road regulations for transporting. We include two switched lights and five outlets. The water lines are fed by connecting to a gardenhose and unit is piped ready to connect to a tankless gas water heater. Power supply by simple extension cord. The short wall is ideal for adding base and wall cabinets and counters. There is soffit venting around the overhang of the white thermoplastic roof membrane with a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. These wood frame structures, like any home, are extremely easy to work on if windows, doors, flooring, or paint need to be added, whereas plastic or steel containers are extremely challenging to modify. Stylish modern designs common accepted board and batten exterior make this unit an eye-pleasing addition to any property and hopefully acceptable for all watchful neighbors.

All units can be either right face or left face door and sink, shower, and toilet can be placed in any corner with your special-order unit.

Delivery– Can range from $100 to more than $500 depending on distance and site maneuverability and terrain. Units are normally set on a double stack of 8-inch concrete blocks, so 16 inches roughly off the ground. We normally also do 2 stacks in the center for a total of 16 blocks on level ground for a total of $50 for your foundation. We provide straps that are integrated into the floor system that you can join with any standard ratchet strap unit and a ground anchor to secure the unit to the ground as they are light-weight and can shift in high winds. As we are always striving for efficiency and affordability to combat our affordable housing crisis we will gladly allow you to deliver the unit yourself with the use of our trailer with a deposit and adequate collateral.

Camp Box Honolulu

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