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The Hawaiian Islands face unique challenges; with land cost at a premium, cost of shipping supplies, and a complex and overloaded permitting process, any space becomes extremely expensive.  The Camp Box vision is to try and help our neighbors and friends with an affordable option to provide that needed comfortable space.  Everyone should be able to have their own private spot on the island and know they are worthy, worthwhile and belong as a part of the community.  Using standard economical, fast and efficient construction techniques and materials we can produce solutions to our own problems right here on the island.  We do not need impractical imported solutions.

Camp Box offers an extremely efficient design that is a mobile and towable unit, so that owners will always have the flexibility relocate or tow their unit wherever needed.  As a mobile unit it is not permanent and with 16 ft units are less than 120 square feet, they stay under building code requirements to avoid the lengthy building permit process, if someone wishes to make it a permanent accessory structure.    Camp Box also offers itemized pricing for all components so that units can be custom designed and ordered.  From a most basic unfinished shell unit at the most economical price so that owners can finish themselves or add upgrade options so that units can be made to match someone’s budget and needs.  Units being constructed with standard materials mean that anyone can simply and easily build out their own unit as time and money permits with regular materials, tools and practices to add their personal touch.   Camp Box is designed to be the simplest and most cost effective for users, with standard electrical connections, some water storage on the roof and every item constructed using simple components that we can produced here on Oahu economically with local labor.

While we always strive for a very modern and fashion forward design, with rounded facade and clean details, our focus is on economical units that can hopefully have a wonderful positive impact on the quality of many lives.  We cannot sit idle, as some of our friends and neighbors around us struggle, when we ourselves are smart enough to create our own solutions to our own problems.  Using common sense and American ingenuity and the resources that we have, together we can create our own happy places.   We look forward to the opportunity to provide these small special spaces, where anyone can have their own spot in the world and feel comfortable, stable and connected with a place to call their own to make big memories.

We are located in Kaaawa on the windward side  of Oahu and would enjoy working with you in any capacity that we can.  Feel free to email at campboxengineering@gmail.com or text or call 808-379-9411 to discuss or make an appointment to see a model unit.

Thanks for your support and feedback as we grow together.

Ryan Routh and Adam Routh


Camp Box Work Order

As we custom make every unit and price out each individual item, this form is designed to clarify all of the exact components that your building/unit will contain so there is clear communication to minimize confusion.  As our focus is fast, efficient and economical units affordable for all, we are not perfectionist and will never strive to be.  There are thousands of Architects, Engineers and contractors on the islands that can build that perfect little house with corresponding pricing.   We focus on economical production and function and engineer our units for just that.  We do not engineer our units based on a 10 pound per sq foot international load but an actual functional affordable floor, wall and roof systems.  Likewise we do not incorporate any hurricane strapping or over-engineering.  These units are designed as mobile homes or modular units with minimized structural members for efficiency and portability.   To provide economical units we maintain extremely slim profit margins, if at all, therefore if you are the type that likes to complain and try to milk every purchase for more than you deserve, we are not for you.  So if mitered casings at windows is priority or all junctions perfectly caulked, if such details or others are important to you, you must express your expectations and prices set accordingly.  Conversely if you are not finding a unit on our site that meets your budget needs talk to us and we will try to find a way to put something together that you can afford.   Our goal if affordable units for those that really need it. 

Again our goal is fast and efficient, that is why we focus on portable temporary units, to avoid the extremely complex Honolulu permitting process.  Homeowners are allowed to have one accessory structure that is less than 120 square feet without a permit.  Beyond that you enter a grey area where “portable/temporary structures” are normally acceptable.   Possibly in contentious situations a government official may have the authority to ask a unit owner to prove that the unit is portable by requiring that it be removed and then reinstalled, so one must keep that remote possibility in mind.  Our American government system is totally complaint driven, unfortunately(as we then cater to all the complainers only), so then the constant goal is to ensure that all of your neighbors are happy and are not inconvenienced or any of their rights infringed upon to render a call to an official.   

Trailer or Not?

The Camp Box unit and the trailers that may be used to move them are sold as separate units.  We can provide prices for a wide range of trailers to fit any camp box size, or if you wish to provide your own trailer for us to mount the camp box on, we will gladly work with you in any capacity.  Smaller units more often are designed as tow-behind units, while larger units more often do not get transported often, and having an expensive trailer underneath a unit for long periods of time may not be cost effective.   Often simply having the unit delivered and axles removed is most economical.  All units come with a trailer tongue as part of the frame as well as wheel wells.  If the tongue and wheel wells are not needed there is a $300 savings.   

Square and treated      or  Rounded and untreated?____________________In order to make the rounded corners it requires 1/8 inch material that only comes untreated.  This plywood can be soaked or sprayed with a borate termite solution on one’s own, but does not come as a pressurized treatment. 

Square corner treated wall panels can come in a smooth or rough texture?__________We can get various grades of smooth plywood wall panels and join them together tightly to provide an exterior that has a clean finish.  The rough siding panels can likewise be jointed tightly or the corners and joints can be covered with 1 by 2 batten strips; which can be painted prior to installation to match trim color. 

What width unit do you want 8 or 9 feet wide?_______________Hawaii state law allows transporting a 9 foot wide structure on the road; so it depends on how much rain protection you want from how many inches of roof overhang you plan for.  We can do an 8 foot wide structure and a 9 foot wide roof to provide 6 inches of overhang on both sides for rain protection.  Or we can make the unit 9 feet wide with the roof flush with the wall if you will be moving it.  If it is a semi-permanent unit we can make any flat roof up to 10 feet wide without needing to weld additional membrane.  So a 10 foot wide unit with a 10 foot membrane roof that is flush is an efficient design.  

What type of roof; flat thermoplastic membrane or shingles?___________Flat roof systems are more waterproof and logical for transporting.  Shingles require a slope of 3 or 4 pitch so the unit must be angled to one side and thus the low side us normally 6 feet tall, so limited head space. 

What type of Door?________We can use standard prehung doors that are square and either flat panel or raised panel, and with windows……or we can make our own simple door that is more economical and can come in a rounded top, but is not as watertight or as secure.  

What type of windows?____________We use single pane either slider or double hung vinyl windows that start at small and go up to 3 feet by 3 feet,  or we can shop make larger awning style windows that can be up to 3 by 4 or larger and open fully for exceptional air flow and rain protection but are simple in design and function and not as secure as the manufactured windows. 

Shower floors can be premanufactured plastic, a simple metal pan, or concrete for tile?________We can make the shower floors of any material you wish to fit your need and budget. 

All units are designed for perimeter ventilation around the top.  The venting can be installed vertically if there is no roof overhang and can be either plastic or metal mesh.  If roof overhang is incorporated we can install the venting on the underside of the overhang and install a clean wooden or metal fascia. 

The framing of the units are a single wall construction whereby the wall panel can be seen on both the inside and outside.  The 2 by 3 or 2 by 4 vertical structural members are designed to line up with the seams of the wall panels and at generally 2 feet on center and are exposed to the interior of the units.  The top and bottom plates are 1 by 2 material so that the depth matches the flat framing members.   Electrical wiring can be installed in a groove in the back of the framing members. 

We try to provide the most basic in electrical needs with each unit.   We hide wiring behind framing members and use surface mounted boxes and the most basic light fixtures for inside and out.  We only install the most essential needs with wiring and any special needs may or additional items can be priced. 

Hot Water Heaters—are not supplied on our units.  We can price hot water heaters if you wish, but they are not part of a standard unit, as well as any appliances such as stove, refrigerator or other appliances. 

Units with kitchens or bathrooms have a 3 inch ABS plastic pipe stub out the side of the unit to be connected to any existing septic or city sewer system or into any holding tank for pumping.  We can build custom holding tanks within the frame of the camper to hold the black water.  Grey water can be diverted to a separate line and separate tank if needed. 

Delivery—-Most pricing is for units completed at our location.  Delivery of a unit to a location can vary from $100 to thousands of dollars.  The cost of setup of a unit to get it level and on blocks is also an additional expense depending on the terrain and can range again from $100 to thousands.   

If you want a large unit or your location for where the unit is placed is not easily accessible we can build the units on your site.  This is best suited for unfinished units so that our time on your location is minimized and more cost effective for you.  Complete units on site will cost more than the pricing on our standard price sheets.   Delivery of units to other islands requires a trailer to be purchased so that it can be delivered to the port and later offloaded.  

Wood framing is designed to be economical and efficient and like any natural product is imperfect.  Again those that strive for perfection need to use steel studs and all metal framing as it is uniform and consistent, but is extremely more expensive.  We do not and never will expect more from any lumber that we are given and will use it happily even given minor imperfections.   We except the good with the bad and will not spend all day looking for crowns in lumber and sorting through a pile as if we deserve better than anyone else.  Single wall construction means that all the framing members are exposed on the interior of the units, thus if the natural beauty of the imperfections of the wood does not suit your taste, we can price installing interior plywood wall or ceiling panels.  

We cannot and will not be responsible for any problems that arise from issues with any government officials or neighbors or anyone.  You bear all legal responsibility for your unit and its location and how it conforms or complies with any organization’s rules and regulations.  If a project is stopped for any reason we must be paid for all material and labor provided up to that point at a reasonable and fair rate.  It is the customer’s responsibility to bear all liability for their unit and its use and impact to the community.   We provide economical products with no expressed or implied guarantees or warranties. 

Again our goal is to have an extremely smooth working relationship where everyone gets exactly what they want and everyone is happy.   We appreciate extremely cooperative and flexible customers that likewise like to make life everyone’s life enjoyable, fruitful and successful.  We strive to live the Aloha spirit and work with our neighbors towards a mutually beneficial goal.   We try to always try to put in more than we take out, and try to be an asset to the community and help those that need it.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and dreams.         

Ryan and Adam